• Gorée Island Perfume Oil
  • Gorée Island Perfume Oil

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Gorée Island Perfume Oil

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Goreé Island was the largest slave-trading centre in Africa located on the coast of Senegal. Our ancestors were captured from their homes through the ocean to the land of the unknown where they suffered greatly but persevered stronger. The island is now a pilgrimage site for the African diaspora, between civilizations through the confrontation of understanding and forgiveness. Goree Island is a testament to your strength and ability to lift ourselves up and a tribute to all of those thatwalked the earth before us.

10 ml. 

11 ℃

Notes: Lavender, Pink pepper, Vetiver, Musk, Blood Orange
Ingredients: Jojoba oil
  • Sweden: 1-3 days, 70 SEK (with Postnord or DHL)
  • Zone 1: 2-5 days, 70 SEK (with Postnord or DHL)
  • Zone 2: 2-5 days, 220 SEK (with Postnord or DHL)