• Dead Presidents Perfume Oil
  • Dead Presidents Perfume Oil

Port Au Mansa

Dead Presidents Perfume Oil

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Power and force are the main elements that will dictate whether individuals listens to their inner voice or disregard it based on the noise from their surroundings resulting in satisfying the world rather than yourself. Dead Presidents is a testimony for you to silence the expectations of the outer world in order to be in harmony with yourself.

10 ml. 

15 ℃

Notes: Jasmine, Saffran, Cedarwood, Maypan Coconut, Ambergris
Ingredients: Jojoba oil
  • Sweden: 1-3 days, 70 SEK (with Postnord or DHL)
  • Zone 1: 2-5 days, 70 SEK (with Postnord or DHL)
  • Zone 2: 2-5 days, 220 SEK (with Postnord or DHL)