• Teeya-boh Perfume Oil
  • Teeya-boh Perfume Oil

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Teeya-boh Perfume Oil

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Teeya-boh is a saying in Wolof spoken mainly in Senegal & Gambia referring to notion that "good deeds lead to good karma". This ties into the Chaos Theory where a small change in one’s act can result in great differences in a later state, such as in the case of where the flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a tornado on the other side of the world. This scent is a reminder that your good karma can lead you into cosmoses that you never imagined through your acts.

10 ml. 

8 ℃

Notes: Musk, Palo Santo, Black Tea, Tonka Bean, Vetiver
Ingredients: Jojoba oi
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