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Begär Zine

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A zine featuring fashion, art and thoughts on desire.

Begär [desire in Swedish] is the latest project by HUD SPACE and aims to explore different interpretations of what desire means in connection to creative processes. Various artists, fashion designers and photographers share their ideas on desire in stories such as editorials, performances and poems.

Contributors – Agnes Vannerus, Alexander Söder, Kimberly Ihre, Alexandra Lindström, Desirée Bjurinder Fritzon, Tilde Gottberg, Shahin Alipour, Esmeralda Ahlqvist, Filippa Smeds, Miranda Borg Blomquist, Behin Roozbeh, Hedda Röök, Benedicte Eggesbo, Chi Virgo

Design – Agnes Vannerus, Alex Söder
Editor – Siri von Bothmer

  • Sweden: 80 SEK (1–3 business days)
  • International: 90–220 SEK (2–7 business days)